Radio Show: Palm Trees and Poets

The Music

TropRock music comes in many shapes and sizes. Also known as Gulf + Western, TropRock is heavily influenced by the calming waves and laid back Gulf breezes. But the rowdy, fun-lovin’ Country & Western style (yeah, both kinds!) can take over. Stir in some steel pans, zydeco, and other influences in-and-around the Gulf of Mexico, and you…

The Poets

TropRock musicians are singer/songwriters. Their music is a captain’s log of their life: their adventures, their struggles, their parties, and their love. Some are pirates. Some are troubadours. Some are jesters. Yet they entertain like no others. Many tour from one Parrothead event to the next, singin’ about their life and livin’ their life like a song.

The Lifestyle

Palm Trees and gulf breezes. Parties in paradise. Camp shirts, coconut bras, flip flops and sun tan lotion. Good food, good drinks, and great friends. As Donny Brewer puts it, “We get up when we get up. We go to bed when we pass out!”