Ambassador Tim Walker

Alabama: Tim Walker

Tim Walker: Gulf Shores Alabama

After living in Arkansas for 57 years my wife and I decided it was time to put some sand between our toes. We washed up on the white sand  beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. This is where we both discovered a new genre of music called “Trop Rock”. We haven’t stopped listening. Ever day we hear a different artist and are amazed that this genre has been around so long and yet it seems so fresh and exciting. I am a classic rock fan by nature but Trop Rock has quickly become our go to music. We have seen Brent Burns, Donnie Brewer, Cory Young along with several others and discovered they are only the tip of the ice berg for this genre. 

Nothing makes for a better evening than sitting around my pool with my favorite refreshment and listening to Trop Rock music. Keep Troprockin!!

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