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The TRMA started a new Artist Relief Foundation in 2020 due to Covid 19 causing almost ALL of our favorite Trop Rock artists to be out of work for about a year. The long term purpose of the Foundation is the support artists in times of financial hardship such as illness, stolen equipment, etc. To learn more about the fund and/or donate, please see below. Thanks for your support!


Easy Ways to Donate

It is easy to help:

  • Paypal: paypal.me/troprock
  • Venmo: venmo.com/TRMAArtistRelief
  • Amazon Smile: Choose the TRMA Artist Relief Foundation as your Amazon Smile charity and shop! (look on left side of header to change/choose charity)
  • TRMA Web Donation: Within our TRMA website: Donate Form (simply X out of the pop up login box)
  • Mail a check: Made out to the TRMA Artist Relief Foundation and send to PO Box 16126 Tallahassee, FL 32317


What is Trop Rock?

Tropical Rock (or Trop Rock) is a genre of popular music that incorporates elements of Rock and Roll, Country, Caribbean, Reggae or other musical genres to create a laid-back or “escapist” state of mind. Trop Rock may create its tropical or “island vibe” either with tropical or island-like instrumentation and production, or with beach, tropical or escapist lyrical themes, or both.






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History of the "Trop Rock" Genre

History Timeline of TRMA

TRMA History

The Trop Rock Music Association (TRMA) is a membership-based organization whose mission is to provide a venue for the promotion of Trop Rock music, promote public awareness, and increase the viability of the genre.

Dedicated to building and promoting the Trop Rock genre and the individuals who participate in that industry, the Trop Rock Music Association works closely with artists, radio stations, venues, festivals, retailers, media and others to help organize and build the infrastructure necessary for Trop Rock music to achieve success and recognition internationally.

The TRMA began in 2005 as the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. (music, artists, fans in alliance) because founders Tom & Michelle Becker, as well as many others, wanted a united voice regarding Trop Rock music. Two years later an annual awards show was created (now known as the TRMA Music Awards) to recognize the artists, songwriters, musicians, radio stations, fans and others in the genre. In 2012 the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. changed its name to the Trop Rock Music Association to better describe its overall purpose.


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Find some of our favorite internet radio stations and listen in to hear our TRMA Academy members, award winners, and new up and coming Trop Rock artists.


Since 2007, the place to be in November is Key West at the annual TRMA Trop Rock MusicAwards & Concert. Our goal is to recognize and promote the most awesome Trop Rock musicians, songwriters, radio stations, fans, live venues and others instrumental in the promotion of the Trop Rock genre. Become a member so you can support and vote for the best of the best!

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