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House Venue: Ray's Happy Island

House Venue: Pirates Cove Music

Our backyard has been the hangout for local pirates & privateers for many years. In 2012 we discovered TropRock music and have been hosting house (yard) concerts ever since. We both retired in 2017 so we decided to get into hosting with a passion. Knowing many Trop Rockers (& Rockettes) we built a stage and…

House Venue: Cheryl & Norm's Laughing Parrot Oasis

House Venue: Isla Bella

The Habitat

The Habitat

The Habitat is the private home of Ken and Heather Settlemyer who are passionate about the importance of nurturing both local plant and animal wildlife and independent musicians. The concept of the House Concert is to provide a venue where musicians can come to be heard by those whose primary intention is to listen rather…

Diablo Creek

House Venue: Diablo Creek

Englewood, Florida is the new home of Pablo and Diana’s newest house concert venue Diablo Creek. Find out more at