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Being a member of the Trop Rock Music Association isn't about going to meetings or sitting on conference calls, it's about having a good time and supporting what you love.

The TRMA exists to  promote and build the Trop Rock genre, which in turn helps support artists, radio stations, music venues and others that live and breathe Trop Rock music.

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Exclusive Member News:

2018 TRMA Nomination Ballot Preview

This is a nomination ballot preview.  Members have been emailed a link to the ballet to vote.

Nomination round voting ends August 15th. Individuals can still join the organization during this time and WILL get to vote. Only one vote allowed per TRMA member.

The final ballot voting will be September 1 - 30th, 2018. The 11th Annual TRMA awards will be held Friday, November 2nd in Key West, Florida.



Definition of Trop Rock Music: Tropical Rock (or Trop Rock) is a genre of popular music that incorporates elements of Rock and Roll, Country, Caribbean, Reggae or other musical genres to create a laid-back or “escapist” state of mind. Trop Rock may create its tropical or “island vibe” either with tropical or island-like instrumentation and production, or with beach, tropical or escapist lyrical themes, or both.

1. Male Vocalist

2. Female Vocalist

3. Duo/Trio

4. Band
This award recongnizes bands with 4 or more members and primarily perform in this configuration.

5. Entertainer of the Year
This award recognizes the best LIVE performance by an independent Trop Rock solo, duo, trio or band.

(these are write-in choices)

6. Album
Nominees in this category are TRMA Academy members and have released an independent CD of new original Trop Rock music in 2017. Compilation CD's do not qualify.

Album Nominees (you may also write in a choice)

  • "Road to the Keys" - Highway 1 Band
  • "The Mexico Beach Road Trip" - Don Middlebrook
  • "Anywhere There's A Beach" - Steve Hopper
  • "The Best of Tiki" - Tiki Thom Starkey
  • "Sweet Tea & Jesus" - Parrot Island Band
  • "Stories" - Jack Mosley
  • "Moai Lanai" - Rob Mehl
  • "Emergency Vacation" - Brent Burns
  • "Same Beer, Different Can" - Mark Mulligan
  • "Beach Town" - Rob Hill
  • "Pirate Sessions III" - Jesse Rice
  • "Reinventing the Wheel" - Bob Karwin
  • "Seahabilitation" - Cory Young

7. Song
This category is open to ALL Trop Rock artists who released an original Trop Rock song in 2017. They do NOT have to be Academy members, and the song does not have to be part of a qualifying album. The song qualifies if it was only released as a "single".

Song Nominees (you may also write in a choice):

  • "All She Does is Beach" - Cory Young
  • "Keyz Disease" - Highway 1 Band
  • "Mexico Beach" - Don Middlebrook
  • "Anywhere There's a Beach" - Steve Hopper
  • "Find the Keys" - Tiki Thom Starkey
  • "Sweet Tea & Jesus" - Parrot Island Band
  • "For The Sake of The Song" - Jack Mosley
  • "Island Time" - Rob Mehl
  • "Emergency Vacation" - Brent Burns
  • "Dance Live Love Lose Control" - Donald James
  • "Same Beer, Different Can" - Mark Mulligan & Thom Shepherd
  • "Beer Buffett and Baseball" - Boat Drunks
  • "Hope Town" - Jesse Rice
  • "Beach Town" - Rob Hill
  • "Back to the Sun" - Donny Brewer
  • "Overtime Play" - Ty Thurman
  • "My Favorite Color is Beach" - Reggie Starrett
  • "Old Friend" - Todd Trusty
  • "Parrothead" - The Bubba Beach Band
  • "Tropical Empire" - Mike McEnery & Jumbo Shrimp Band
  • "These Old Pans" - Todd Donnelly & Mr. Myers Band
  • "Me Time" - Brooke Graham
  • "With Apologies to Jim Morris" - Danny Rosado
  • "Don't Poop in Your RV" - Jeff & The Camaros
  • "Sex on the Beach" - Joe Rich
  • "Overboard" - Joe Downing
  • "Road to Cayo Hueso" - Boomer Blake
  • "Work Now, Beach Later" - Isabella Stefania
  • "Sanibel" - Scott Coner with T. Graham Brown
  • "When My Corona Gets It's Lime" - Gary James Moeller
  • "Damn It No Boat" - Darrell Clanton
  • "You, Me, Vitamin D" - Robin Tricker
  • "Steel Drums and Rum" - Chuck Freeman
  • "Tropical Depression (Island Mix)" - Jonas Lorence
  • "Love Your Way" - Bert & Sassy
  • "Safe Harbor" - Dayglo Red
  • "Smilin' In The Islands" - Mack Meadows
  • "Little Torch Key" - Jody Beggs
  • "Yeah, A Harbor" - Chris Rehm
  • "My Wave" - Allen Wronko
  • "Deep End" - Ricky Sprague
  • "Give Me The Keys" - Cabana Dogs
  • "Last Call" - Rudy Cox
  • "Refuge" - Randy Moore
  • "Andale Muchacho" - Troy Powers
  • "Gypsy Soul" - Charlie Imes
  • "Chasing Hemingway's Ghost" - Scott Kirby
  • "Buffett Boogie and Booze" - TJ Walsh
  • "Island Time" - Tim Campbell
  • "I'm With The Band" - Bob Karwin

8. Horizon Award
This award recognizes a Trop Rock solo, duo, trio, or band who shows the most promise for contributing to the Trop Rock genre through performance, songwriting and recording of their original music.
The following previous winners are not eligible: Jesse Rice, Donny Brewer, Brittany Kingery, The Southern Drawl Band, John Friday, Jimi Pappas, Capt. Josh, Jimmy Parrish, Troy Allan, PHINS

9. Musician
This award recognizes outstanding musicianship, and is intended to recognize band members, not individual artists or band leaders, but the other musicians in the band or musicians who play with various artists.

10. Songwriter
This award recognizes the best "songwriter". It is NOT meant to be an award based on vocals, musicianship, or performance.

(the above are write-in choices)

11. Radio Station (you may also write-in a choice)

  • Radio A1A
  • RadioTropRock
  • Songwriter's Island Radio
  • Beach Bar Radio
  • Oyster Radio
  • Tiki Man Radio
  • Beachfront Radio
  • Shore Life Radio
  • Permanent Vacation Radio
  • TikiPod Radio

12. Radio Program (you may also write-in a choice)
After the nomination round there will be two Radio Program categories on the final ballot. They will be divided by "live" shows and "prerecorded" shows, and an award will be given for each category.

  • "The Radio Trop Rock Show" - Glenn Dale
  • "Palm Trees and Poets" - Don Drzal
  • "The Weekly Trop 40" - Harry Teaford and Mayor Gonzo Mays
  • "Trop Rock Takeover" - David Redman
  • "Sunday Mornings With The Tiki Man" - The Tiki Man & The
  • Original Hippie Chic
  • "Trop Rockin' The USA" - Eric & Gina Babin
  • "New Music Mixer" - Eric "Misa Nevermind" Przybylski
  • "Trop Rock Lunch" - Eric "Mista Nevermind" Przybylski
  • "Island Heat Top 20" - Eric "Mista Nevermind" Przybylski
  • "The Trop5 Countdown" - DJ John Cody
  • "Weekdays With Wilson" - Lyle Wilson
  • "The Mayor Gonzo Show" - Mayor Gonzo Mays
  • "Under the Bus with Dave & Gay" - Dave & Gay Burks
  • "Big Burrito Radio Show" - Marty Kuklinski & Dan Mueller
  • "Island Time Radio Show" - Dennis King & DKtheDJ
  • "Five O'clock Buffett Show" - DJ John Cody
  • "The Beach Blast" - Michael Allen
  • "Hefe's Hump Day Happy Hour" - Jeff Nyhan
  • "Cruisin' Roundup" - Ol' DC Dale Clemons
  • "Millie's Beach Brunch Show" - Millie Marie Taylor
  • "Don D'Pyrate's Daily Show" - Don D'Pyrate
  • "The Big Papa Show" - Warren "Big Papa" Harman
  • "The Don D'Pyrate Show" - Don D'Pyrate
  • "Artist Appreciation w/Millie Marie Taylor" - Millie Marie Taylor
  • "Shore to Shore News" - JimmyP, Millie Marie Taylor. Don D'Pyrate, Warren "Big Papa" Harman, Diana Christ
  • "House Concert Spotlight w/Diana Christ" - Diana Christ

13. Live Music Venue
This award recognizes the owners of a for-profit live music venue that features Trop Rock artists.

14. House Concert Venue
This award recognizes the host/hostess of a non-profit concert-style shows featuring Trop Rock artists. After the nomination round there will be two House Concert categories on the final ballot. They will be divided by small and large based on average size and overall

15. Event of the Year
This award recognizes events/festivals who feature multiple Trop Rock artists. Meeting of the Minds is not considered in this category because it is a National Convention. After the nomination round there will be two event categories on the final ballot. They will be divided into small and large based on registered attendees at the 2017 event, and an award will be given for each category.

16. Fan of the Year
This award recognizes a Trop Rock "fan" for their support and promotion of Trop Rock music. It is meant for an individual and not a group.

The following previous winners are NOT eligible: Colleen Fuchs, Debbie Hess, Marc & Tammy Hollander, Sam & Gina Densler, Steven "Koz" Kozlowski, Tami Tower, Dave & Carolyn McBride, Dale & Peach Hench, Gary & Patti Janco, Shirley Gates

(these are write-in choices)

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