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"After being involved in Trop Rock music for 20 years, I'm excited about the recent growth of the genre, and am grateful to have the opportunity to help take it to the next level! Will you join me?"

Mark W. Friedman

President, TRMA

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Being a member of the Trop Rock Music Association isn't about going to meetings or sitting on conference calls, it's about having a good time and supporting what you love. The TRMA exists to  promote and build the Trop Rock genre, which in turn helps support artists, radio stations, music venues and others that live and breathe Trop Rock music. We can't do that without our members and sponsors. Annual dues are an affordable $15 per year, and we are all volunteers at the TRMA, so every bit of the money we receive goes back into the cause. Last but not least, by becoming a member you get to vote for your favorites artists and hopefully see them win at the TRMA awards.

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Our TRMA Academy members are the heart and soul of the Trop Rock genre. Not only are they great singers, songwriters, musicians, and entertainers, but they also have the passion for our genre to help lead the charge forward and support the newer artists any way they can.

The Trop Rock Music Association recognizes Trop Rock singer songwriters and bands through Academy membership. To become an Academy member, artists must meet certain qualifications. These includes attributes in areas such as songwriting, production, promotion and live performance. An artist’s music must also meet the definition of Trop Rock music below. If you are interested in applying for an Academy membership (or recommending an artist) please apply to the left. Academy applications are reviewed and approved (or denied) by the TRMA Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. If approved, your membership is free and qualifies you for nomination in all of the annual Trop Rock Music award categories.

You can live the Trop Rock artist lifestyle as well and have the full support of the TRMA.

"Trop Rock" Definition:  Tropical Rock (or Trop Rock) is a genre of popular music that incorporates elements of Rock and Roll, Country, Caribbean, Reggae or other musical genres to create a laid-back or “escapist” state of mind. Trop Rock may create its tropical or “island vibe” either with tropical or island-like instrumentation and production, or with beach, tropical or escapist lyrical themes, or both.

Meet your TRMA Academy Members

Academy Member: Eric Stone

www.ericstoneband.com Sprinkled through the titles of Eric Stone’s eleven CDs lie a string of island adventures that every salty sailor hopes to have. “Bomba’s Shack,” “Dominica Discovery,” “Bequia Kind of Day,” “One Night at Corsairs” and “Goodbye Trinidad” are all stories lived and memories made by this talented sailing, surfing, songwriting singer. His music is…

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Academy Member: Isabella Stefania

www.IsabellaStefania.com Isabella Stefania is a Singer-Songwriter and Independent Recording Artist working out of Chicago, Nashville and Southern Florida.  Her music is a mix of Trop-Rock and Country that she calls “Island Country”. Isabella’s original songs deal with topics ranging from modern love and relationships to beach life and the perfect summer. Her songs are in…

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Academy Members: Robin Tricker

www.RobinTricker.com More than just your typical hip, east coast girl.  Robin is a multi-layered songwriter intent on driving a catchy hook into your head.  Don’t let the curly hair and ukulele fool you, this Jersey girl can sing. If Rock, Country & Pop had a curly haired baby it would be Robin Tricker. Her more…

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Academy Member: Barefoot Reggie Starrett

Singer/song writer/ musician, Reggie Starrett is a 2017 TRMA Song of the Year Award winning artist. Reggie is flying solo, or with his band, nationally and internationally. Relentlessly touring. Reggie rounded out 2017 performing over 180 shows all over the US and the Caribbean, and 2018 looks to be even bigger. Reggie performs an incredibly…

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Academy Member: Brent Burns

Brent Burns was born in Oklahoma, raised in Arizona and arrived in Gulf Shores, Alabama in 1972. This son of the desert has become the poet laureate of the beach. In 2006, Burns was named “Official Music Ambassador of the Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau.” In 2008, Burns won three awards in the…

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Academy Member: Bob Karwin

Trop Rock Music Association Entertainer of the Year 2016 Temecula Valley Music Awards “Best Acoustic” 2016 Bob Karwin began his music career in 1990, playing to drunken mobs in the Irish pubs of Boston, Massachusetts. He quickly made a name for himself in Beantown by being able to tame an unruly crowd fired by Guinness…

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Academy Member: Bill Cockrell

Bill Cockrell first developed a love for music early in life. Coming from a musical family, he soon found his natural ability to sing and perform. He began playing the drums at the age of 10 and quickly found himself playing many different styles of music with many different bands over the years. He has…

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Academy Member: Jerry Diaz

Hailing from the upper Texas Coast, Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef perform a high energy mix of original and cover Trop Rock tunes. Having performed from coast to coast many times over, the band has long been recognized for their longevity and professionalism. One of the first artists to write and record songs in the…

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Academy Member: Donny Brewer

Donny Brewer is a Texas born and raised super fan of music, from rock and blues to country and jazz, but mostly Trop Rock. He also happens to be multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and touring singer of the music he loves, often with his band the Dock Rockers. He’s a 9 time TRMA award winner and persistent…

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Academy Member: Dennis Davis

I’ve been playing guitar and singing as long as I can remember, usually just for my own benefit and enjoyment. Every once in a while I’d break out with a song or two at a talent show or a party and I found out that the guitar player singer guy quickly became pretty popular… well……

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Ken Settlemyer“Serving on the TRMA board gives me a real chance to make a difference by helping to give the musicians the platform that will enable them to spread joy in the world and make it a better place for everyone. Great music makes better people. ”- Ken Settlemyer

Aaron Haugland"The world needs more Trop Rock in it's life. That's why I intend to serve the TRMA organization any way possible" - Aaron Haugland

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