Academy Member: Tiffany Hulse



Some would agree that the key to happiness is finding a career you enjoy. Although, sometimes, when the moon is high, and the hippies are even higher, your suitable career finds you. Fortunately, Tiffany Hulse—also known for her work under the pseudonym, Tiffer ‘the Riffer’ Folk—was one of the lucky ones. At the impressionable age of nine years old, she attended her very first Jimmy Buffett concert. Seated front row center, just feet from the stage, she was hypnotized by the excitement of the live performance. As she left the arena, with the used sweatband that Buffett had thrown right to her, she announced to anyone within earshot that she wanted to learn how to play the guitar, and do exactly what she had just witnessed Buffett do. The performer in her had officially been awakened.


Four years later, in 2007, Tiffany released her first album at the age of twelve. The album, entitled, “Sad Day in Paradise”, was recorded in her bedroom on an Alesis Adat 8-track recorder. And so it went, each album recorded on that very same 8-track recorder, every instrument performed by her, until she began recording her albums professionally at a studio. “Blue Jeans and a Tie-Dyed Shirt” was the first album of Tiffany’s recorded entirely at Back Yard Studios in Fort Myers, Florida. Since her first album release, Tiffany has written and co-written over 150 songs, and has released fifteen albums to date.


Throughout her music career, Tiffany has performed in venues all along the Eastern Seaboard, The Bahamas, and even as a musical guest on the Celebrity Cruise ship, “Century”. She was the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist in the New Jersey-based band, “Tiffer the Riffer and the Cross-Eyed Bears”, and the rhythm and electric guitarist and vocalist in the Southwest Florida duo, “Tiff ‘n’ Zoid” with her partner, and guitarist extraordinaire, Zoid Asteroid Machine. Nowadays she can be spotted at the occasional comic book and fan convention, strumming a ukulele and singing her newest original songs on stage. ​


Tiffany is also an accomplished author and a budding actress, having released three books to date, and winning a Bronze Telly Award for her work as a voice actress on the charming holiday special, “Claus & The Fairies”, released by Bill Diamond Productions in 2021.