Academy Member: Jeff Brewer

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I grew up in Atlanta and played in bands since early high school. After doing the corporate ladder thing, marriage, and kids, I started playing solo again in the late 90’s.  When I was laid off from my job after 9/11, that kicked me in the butt a little and had a role in building a good repertoire of music. This was before there was “Trop Rock”.  I called my music Caribbean Country.  When I was lucky enough to find a good position near Panama City, FL, that was when the Trop Rock world opened up to me.  The local Parrot Head club gave me a chance, and Parrot Head nation invited me and embraced mu music.  I play all along the Gulf Coast now, and occasionally make it up to Atlanta still and play some gigs up there.  I have three CDs: “Beachoholic”, “What Could Happen?”, and “Let’s Go to the Beach”.  I am working on my 4th album now and am about halfway through with it. (Tentative title is “Big in Japan.”)  The name “Jeff and the Camaros” started as many ideas do—in a bar. I envy the musicians who are able to keep a band together, and would love to be able to.  However at this stage of life it is more and more difficult to do that.  Balancing schedules, gigs, and Musician’s temperaments is a delicate act. So I create my backing tracks myself, call them my band, the Camaros, and I have fun with it and it seems to work pretty well.   I have always enjoyed entertaining people.  I don’t know if I will win many awards along the way, but watching a good group of people dancing, smiling and having fun is enough of a reward for me.   I am happy and honored to be an Academy Member of TRMA and continue to look forward to helping the Trop Rock Genre any way I can!



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