Florida: Lindsay Moore

Ambassador Lindsay Moore

My name Lindsay Moore aka the Mermaid. I first got into Trop Rock years ago in Delaware where I heard Jimmy and the Parrots. I thought they where pretty good and not even knowing who Jimmy Buffet was at the time. Like I said years ago. Then the Word of Bubba came into view and…

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Florida: Geri Salitsky

Ambassador Geri Salitsky

Geri has been a Parrothead for 14 years with the Western NY Parrothead Club, Sarasota Bay Parrothead Club, and is currently the Social Director for the Charlotte Harbor Parrothead Club. A huge fan of Trop Rock music, Geri and her husband Michael moved from Lewiston, NY to Port Charlotte, Florida to be close to all…

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California: Cliff Miller

Ambassador Cliff Miller

As the former president of PHoPS and past events director for the LAPHC I understand the genuine need for TRMA Ambassadors. I got on board as an Ambassador to help spread the good word about the Trop Rock genre and hopefully to attract others to the Parrot Head lifestyle.  Region: Tehachapi, California Email Cliff: uofmphd@gmail.com

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