Florida: Matthew Gray

Matthew Gray

My name is Matthew, married to Mariana.  I started out in the Detroit area and have lived all over the Midwest and find myself in Florida right now.  My wife was born and raised in Northern California.  We met in California while I was in between travels for the Army.  I served all over the…

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Pennsylvania: Chris VonBartheld

Ambassador Craig VonBartheld

New to the Trop Rock scene, Chris is a life long singer, songwriter, musician who’s credits include Commercial, film, studio sessions and somewhere around 20 albums and countless songs he has been part of. With has toured the country many times over in genres as diverse as Rock, Country and Christian. Upon moving to Florida he began…

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Texas: Blair Taylor

Blair Taylor

When Mark requested a short bio from me I was reminded how many years I have been a follower of the Trop Rock music style…42, ouch. I was 14 when I first heard “Why don’t’ we get drunk and screw”. Intriguing to a young boy entering puberty. I must have taken it to heart, as…

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Virginia: Bart Parent

Ambassador Bart Parent

I’ve been a buffet fan since the late 70’s. “In The Shelter” is still one of my favorite songs. I went to my my first concert on my boat at Miami Marine Stadium in 1986. We only heard him but it is still a fond memory. I moved back to Richmond in the early 90’s and…

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