Academy Member: Joe Downing

Downing Pic

Middletown, Ohio born and Nashville, Tennessee bred, Joe Downing is a
Tropical Americana Recording Artist and Songwriter that knows how to
Rock & Roll. Downing has released 3 EP’s over the last decade and has over
7 singles circulating on over a dozen Trop Rock radio stations. Joe plays all
over the country: from St Augustine to Key West to Chicago, Nashville to
Jacksonville to Los Angeles, Islamorada to Gulf Shores to San Diego. In the
Spring of 2018 Joe’s song “Sail To The Moon” went Number One on Radio
A1A’s Tropical Americana Weekly Top 40. Downing came up listening to
everything from the Motown sound to the popular recording artists of
today. He believes in the theory that great art can inspire great art, as he
names some of his biggest influences such as: Sam Cooke, Tom Petty, Jimmy
Buffett and Van Morrison just to name a few. Joe’s soulful vocals and his
groovy melodies make him an instant hit, no matter the venue. “Whether
I’m playing for one person or thousands, I always try to give it my all, so
that when the audience walks away, they say: ‘That Joe Downing guy… I’m
going to remember him.’”