Florida: Matthew Gray

Matthew Gray

My name is Matthew, married to Mariana.  I started out in the Detroit area and have lived all over the Midwest and find myself in Florida right now.  My wife was born and raised in Northern California.  We met in California while I was in between travels for the Army.  I served all over the…

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Florida: Lindsay Moore

Ambassador Lindsay Moore

My name Lindsay Moore aka the Mermaid. I first got into Trop Rock years ago in Delaware where I heard Jimmy and the Parrots. I thought they where pretty good and not even knowing who Jimmy Buffet was at the time. Like I said years ago. Then the Word of Bubba came into view and…

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Florida: Geri Salitsky

Ambassador Geri Salitsky

Geri has been a Parrothead for 14 years with the Western NY Parrothead Club, Sarasota Bay Parrothead Club, and is currently the Social Director for the Charlotte Harbor Parrothead Club. A huge fan of Trop Rock music, Geri and her husband Michael moved from Lewiston, NY to Port Charlotte, Florida to be close to all…

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