Your TRMA Academy Members

Dennis McCaughey & Tropical Soul

Academy Member: Dennis McCaughey & Tropical Soul

Dennis McCaughey of Tropical Soul plays music locally and also is frequently on the road playing in various spots across the country. The music genre, known as trop rock, includes many original tunes, and also a variety of covers ranging from Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown, Bob Marley and many others. He has released six CDs.…

Jimmy and the Parrots

Academy Member: Jimmy and the Parrots

Grab your beach chair, your suntan oil, and your favorite drink, and get ready for a trip to the islands with the ultimate tribute to Jimmy Buffett. For more than 17 years, Jimmy and the Parrots have been playing to delighted crowds all over the United States as well as the Caribbean. Jimmy and the…

JImi Pappas

Academy Member: Jimi Pappas

As a solo acoustic performer, Jimi provides a wonderful musical experience, with state of the art equipment and top notch musicianship. As a singer/songwriter his original tunes are a blend of Americana meets pop and brings out his love of tropical places. His covers and originals are influenced by the early 70’s singer/songwriter movement. Jimi’s…

Jim Hoehn

Academy Member: Jim Hoehn

Jim Hoehn is a career journalist/author/songwriter who has carved out a surprisingly successful niche as a performing songwriter since first stumbling out of the pressbox with a guitar. During his journalism career – much of it spent as a sportswriter – Hoehn has covered everything from plane crashes to murder trials to the Super Bowl…

Jesse Rice

Academy Member: Jesse Rice

Jesse Rice was reared in the historic river town of Conway, SC, about 15 minutes northwest of Myrtle Beach. He moved to Music City in 2002 and began honing his songwriting skills while working at EMI Music Publishing. He would quickly network with rising artists and writers and secured his first publishing agreement in 2007…

Sunny Jim

Academy Member: James "Sunny Jim" White

 A live performance by James “Sunny Jim” White calls up sea breezes, palm trees. sandy beaches and good tropical vibes. Audiences often end up dancing in conga lines and moving to the up-tempo rhythms of his original music, a blend of influences that range from the Caribbean to California, by way of Texas. Already a…

Jack Mosley

Academy Member: Jack Mosley

Jack Mosley, originally from Panama City Florida, is considered by many to be one of the best “TropRock” song writers and entertainers in the country. As an entertainer, Jack has performed all over the United States and the Caribbean and has opened shows for artist such as Johnny Cash, Tanya Tucker, Phil Vassar, The Warren…

Highway 1 Band

Academy Member: Highway 1

The Highway 1 Band is a Trop-Rock group based out of Melbourne Florida, Their music is very eclectic and covers a wide range of genres but they perform all of them in a Trop-Rock style. So, what is Trop-Rock, will it’s a style of music made popular by artists such as Jimmy Buffett and Kenny…

Heather Vidal

Academy Member: Heather Vidal

Trained classically in college, Heather, while respecting the genre, never really embraced jazz and classical music the way she had always embraced her folk rock roots. Before college, she fell in love with the singer/songwriters of the day such as Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Karla Bonoff, James Taylor, Stephen Stills, and the like. She originally…

Greg Dillard

Academy Member: Greg Dillard

When Dillard was growing up on a small farm in Thaxton, MS, he had limited access to a variety of music. An old vintage cabinet record player, a handful of Gospel and Elvis Presley records, and the best of Time Life’s 50’s/60’s rounded out the family collection. Perhaps the biggest musical influence, however, was the…

Donald James

Academy Member: Donald James

Donald James is a Texas Country and Beach Music, Trop Rock artist known as the Third Coast Cowboy. He loves to write songs, play music and fish. He says he’s a musician with a fishing addiction. DJ’s music is a blend of his Honky Tonk Hero’s, Rock and Roll fantasy’s and his soulful love of…

Don Middlebrook

Academy Member: Don Middlebrook

Don Middlebroook is considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of Trop Rock music. For more than twenty-five years, he has blazed a trail of over 175 tour dates per year all across the United States. Middlebrook’s musical journey has taken him from Michigan to Key West, and from Ocean City, MD…

Dani Hoy

Academy Member: Dani Hoy

Born in Baltimore, MD, but now living the island life in Key West, FL, Dani Hoy’s mission is to create honest and entertaining ear worms about life and love in an evocative style. Carrying out her motto, “Better late than never,” Dani started her musical career around the age of 40 and has established herself…

Coconut Radio

Academy Member: Coconut Radio

Steve Reeths and Sue Kittredge formed the duo Coconut Radio in 2007 after playing many years in the upper Midwest with the jam band Square One. Hearing the call of the warm southern tropics the two embraced the beach music scene that was not only Trop Rock, but included many great Americana, Bluegrass and Blues…

Bubba Beach

Academy Member: Bubba Beach Band

Although only three years into their journey, the band now known as The Bubba Beach Band, is already enjoying commercial success on both sides of the border with every song from their first album being in picked up by over a dozen radio stations across the US, they also were nominated for a Trop Rock…

Brittany Kingery

Academy Member: Brittany Kingery

Brittany Kingery has found her beach. And she hopes that her music will lead others to find their beaches, both literally and metaphorically speaking. A few months after the release of her 2013 debut CD Edge of the Ocean, the McCleary, Washington-born singer started practicing what she preaches in her music. She quit her secure…

Brent Burns

Academy Member: Brent Burns

Brent Burns was born in Oklahoma, raised in Arizona and arrived in Gulf Shores, Alabama in 1972. This son of the desert has become the poet laureate of the beach. In 2006, Burns was named “Official Music Ambassador of the Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau.” In 2008, Burns won three awards in the…

Bob Karwin

Academy Member: Bob Karwin

Trop Rock Music Association Entertainer of the Year 2016 Temecula Valley Music Awards “Best Acoustic” 2016 Bob Karwin began his music career in 1990, playing to drunken mobs in the Irish pubs of Boston, Massachusetts. He quickly made a name for himself in Beantown by being able to tame an unruly crowd fired by Guinness…

Bill Cockrell

Academy Member: Bill Cockrell

Bill Cockrell first developed a love for music early in life. Coming from a musical family, he soon found his natural ability to sing and perform. He began playing the drums at the age of 10 and quickly found himself playing many different styles of music with many different bands over the years. He has…

Keith Sykes

Academy Member: Keith Sykes

Once upon a time in the summer of 1967, Keith Sykes hitchhiked to the Newport Folk Festival and saw Arlo Guthrie perform “Alice’s Restaurant.” In the fall of that year he got a copy of the album, learned the whole song and sang it at a Holiday Inn in Charleston, South Carolina. They hired him…

TRMA Award Winners


12th Annual TRMA Winners

1. Male Vocalist

2. Female Vocalist

3. Duo/Trio

4. Band
This award recognizes bands with 4 or more members and primarily perform in this configuration.

5. Entertainer of the Year
This award recognizes the best LIVE performance by an independent Trop Rock solo, duo, trio or band.

6. Album
Nominees in this category are TRMA Academy members and have released an independent CD of new original Trop Rock music in 2018. Compilation CD's do not qualify.

7. Single

8. Song
This category is open to ALL Trop Rock artists who released an original Trop Rock song in 2018. They do NOT have to be Academy members, and the song does not have to be part of a qualifying album. The song qualifies if it was only released as a "single".

9. Horizon Award
This award recognizes a Trop Rock solo, duo, trio, or band who shows the most promise for contributing to the Trop Rock genre through performance, songwriting and recording of their original music.
Previous winners are not eligible.

10. Musician
This award recognizes outstanding musicianship, and is intended to recognize band members, not individual artists or band leaders, but the other musicians in the band or musicians who play with various artists.

11. Songwriter The final ballot for Songwriter of the Year will be voted on by the TRMA Academy members and Board of Directors.The nominees on the final ballot based on the nomination round voting are: Donny Brewer, Jack Mosley, Jesse Rice, Thom Shepherd, and Cory Young.

12. Album Artwork & Design

13. Video

14. Radio Station

15. Radio Program - Live

16. Radio Program - Prerecorded

17. Live Music Venue
This award recognizes the owners of a for-profit live music venue that features Trop Rock artists.

18. House Concert Venue - Small
This award recognizes the host/hostess of a non-profit concert-style shows featuring Trop Rock artists. It is broken into small & large venues.

19. House Concert Venue - Large  TIE!!!

20. Event of the Year - Small
This award recognizes events/festivals who feature multiple Trop Rock artists. Meeting of the Minds is not considered in this category because it is a National Convention. It is divided into small and large based on registered attendees at the 2018 event, and an award will be given for each category.

21. Event of the Year - Large

22. Fan of the Year
This award recognizes a Trop Rock "fan" for their support and promotion of Trop Rock music. It is meant for an individual and not a group. Previous winners are NOT eligible.

23. Music Business Professional